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About Myself

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Advanced Diploma of Raynor Massage

Association of Massage Therapists Senior Member

AUSactive Level 2 Registered Exercise Professional

Cert III in Fitness

My passion for health and movement started young. Growing up, I thrived in competitive swimming. Later, I balanced academics with rugby and tennis, fostering a deep appreciation for the body's potential. This journey led me to become a personal trainer. Witnessing firsthand the impact of exercise on pain prevention and management sparked a new interest - massage therapy.

Since 2008, I've been a massage therapist, helping people like you address built-up tension and muscular imbalances. These imbalances often stem from daily life - work postures, stress, repetitive motions, or simply a lack of activity. Over time, they can lead to postural misalignment, structural issues, and biomechanical problems.

Through targeted massage techniques, I work to release chronic tension, improve flexibility, and restore proper movement patterns. My goal is to empower you to move with more ease, reduce pain, and ultimately, live a life filled with vitality.

My continuing education

Corrective Exercise Specialist - The BioMechanics Method

Rehab Essentials - Rehab Trainer

Postural Analysis & Corrective Exercise - Australian College of Fitness & Bodywork

Advanced Pelvis - Core Body Therapy

Applied Myofascial Release - Core Body Therapy

TMJ, Neck & Pelvis - Core Body Therapy

Nutrition Fundamentals

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